Secondary School


Once the foundation of learning is laid in the Primary section, our students in the Secondary school are prepped for their future as they work towards the SSC exams. With 27 classrooms that house around 1,600 students from Std V to Std X, the Secondary school is guided by a team of 40 experienced teachers who maintain the school’s 17 year long record of 100% passing in the SSC board exams. We have five divisions each of Std V to Std VII and four divisions each for Std VIII to Std X. The support staff of 13 bais and peons, as well as a clerical staff of six, who handle parent queries and fee payments, back the teaching staff.

One of the outstanding features of our school campus is a spacious library that houses a large variety of books covering various subjects. Our students can access any book they want during the weekly library period. We are also proud of our large sports ground that enables students to excel in field activities during PT and Scout/Guide sessions. Our school also serves as a main center for elementary and intermediate drawing exams, and a main center during the SSC board exam.


We have total of ( 1381) students in our Secondary section.

Teaching Staff

We have total of (36 ) highly qualified and talented staffs in our Secondary section